How to Ruin a Beautiful Space in Three Easy Steps….

free-vector-banana-republic-flag-clip-art_111955_Banana_Republic_Flag_clip_art_hightSo, for those of us who regularly attend Board meetings, you can imagine our surprise when the Board of Clowns decided to lay cork flooring in half the yoga room, which was previously a beautiful peaceful space for yoga, stretching, meditation, etc. and move most of the cardio equipment from the gym into the room to make it look like a storage area for broken equipment.  The person “in charge” of this project was none other than Maiko Xavier.  Of course, was this discussed in a Board meeting?  Are you kidding me?  Why, of course NOT!   Why the need to move the cardio equipment you ask?  Stay tuned….

But I digress after all what are the three easy steps?

1.  Elect clowns to the board

2.  Assign one of the clowns to the project

3.  The Clown executes and Voila – space turned into a mess….


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