The Story of the Seams

free-vector-banana-republic-flag-clip-art_111955_Banana_Republic_Flag_clip_art_hightSpeaking of bad ideas and bad execution, let’s talk about the issue of seams!  So, Dominique Bonet of Linear Designs, was asked by Juan Douzoglou, a member of the Ten Museum Park Board, to put forth her design ideas for the “STRAW VOTE”  idea that the Board Clowns came up with.  One of her brilliant ideas (amongst many) was to lay Missoni for Bolon on the 12th floor.  Well, the problem with that idea that Dominique Bonet for Linear Designs had in all her wisdom was that if one walked around the corner there were seams galore!   After major discussion, somehow, that idea was quashed.  So then another “more organic” design was introduced and selected by the Board of Clowns.

So now, take notice of the seams that run across the floor on each elevator landing right in the middle of the landing!!!!!!!!  Indeed, I’m serious.  To borrow a line from Sandra Bernhard, “I couldn’t make this up!”  Ask a designer with any design chops whatsoever what they think of that….



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